I make music, sometimes with other people, sometimes all alone, and most of the time in my head. I am a drummer, guitarist, bassist, singer, whatever.. Only a few tracks that I made with friends were concluded into collections (i.e. albums or similar), of which some can be found here.
Some more stuff can be found on my soundcloud page.


SUPER MUSCLE: Summoning Percussive Music Using Live Electronics is the title of my Master Thesis Project of the study program Digital Media @ HfK Bremen.
Find the project website >>here<<.
The source code is available on GitHub.

Dezember 2020

  First concert as Double Squirrel with makeshift Drums+Live-Electronics and improvised Polyrhythimcs in C-phrygian at Anachronism. June 10th, 2020 @ Schwankhalle Bremen

Juni 2020

Andorra - 2016

Andorra 2016 on bandcamp.
this stuff was made in loopwoodhausen, May-September 2016, all by ourselves (that's why you have to turn up the volume so far)

Alles eigenständig aufgenommen und verwurstet in Loopwoodhausen, Mai-September 2016. (Deshalb auch so leise)

November 2016

Andorra - 2015

Andorra (2015) is a 5 track-single-take-piece containing the sounds of leprosy mountains, noisy values and a forest in hectic.

Andorra (2015) ist eine Aufnahme aus etwa fünf Liedern, die an einem Stück gespielt wurden und so gehört werden möchten.

April 2015