I make music, sometimes with other people, sometimes all alone, and most of the time in my head. I am a drummer, guitarist, bassist, singer, whatever.. Only a few tracks that I made with friends were concluded into collections (i.e. albums or similar), of which some can be found here.
Some more stuff can be found on my soundcloud page.

  First concert as Double Squirrel with makeshift Drums+Live-Electronics and improvised Polyrhythimcs in C-phrygian at Anachronism. June 10th, 2020 @ Schwankhalle Bremen
This was a very improvised setup with only 7 days of preparation time, but it's meant to become something even more convoluted. Let's here more later this year...

Juni 2020

  Fake Experience performing "Diploma" Live @ Theater Bremen February 28th, 2020.

Februar 2020

  Fake Experience Live @ Radio Angrezi Flutung October 11th, 2019. (>>Download<<)

Oktober 2019

Andorra - 2016

Andorra 2016 on bandcamp.
this stuff was made in loopwoodhausen, May-September 2016, all by ourselves (that's why you have to turn up the volume so far)

Alles eigenständig aufgenommen und verwurstet in Loopwoodhausen, Mai-September 2016. (Deshalb auch so leise)

November 2016

Andorra - 2015

Andorra (2015) is a 5 track-single-take-piece containing the sounds of leprosy mountains, noisy values and a forest in hectic.

Andorra (2015) ist eine Aufnahme aus etwa fünf Liedern, die an einem Stück gespielt wurden und so gehört werden möchten.

April 2015